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wrc infrastructure

We are a world leader in the development and application of innovative technologies for the inspection, assessment monitoring and management of pipeline infrastructure.

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wrc pipeline inspection

We help utilities and industry to understand and reduce network risk.




what's going on down there?

  1. Internal laser / sonar profiling and CCTV
  2. Pinpoint location
  3. Map bends
  4. Locate leaks and infiltration on non metallic pipes
  5. Locate repairs
  6. Identify change of material
  7. Identifying if leaks are on the joint or barrel
  8. Locating gas or air pockets
  9. Corrosion mapping & wire breaks
  10. Locating Gross Metal Loss

wrc responds

As part of WRc Ltd - we are trusted by Government, utilities, regulators and industry to take care of the UK's underground assets.


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