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WRc Infrastructure drives down the cost of pipeline operation and pipeline maintenance and improves overall asset longevity. This is irrespective of size, material, depth or type of pipeline. We work alongside customers to maximise outputs from capital budgets and ensure greater understanding of how to improve asset performance.

Helping UTILITIES understand and reduce network risk

We work in partnership with the UK’s utilities and leading technology providers to manage underground assets and pipeline infrastructure.

  • Advise - most appropriate technical solution
  • Maximise - ensure best value from capital maintenance budgets
  • Extend - prolong useful life of pipelines
  • De-risk - remove risks associated with critical assets
  • Implement - deploy longterm asset strategies
  • Analyse - modelling & cost benefit analysis
  • Challenging - perception of economic level of leakage
  • Understand - performance of your network

Helping INDUSTRY understand and reduce network risk

We help some of the world’s best known industrial companies to extend the life of their underground assets and infrastructure.

  • Extend
    Prolong useful life of pipelines
  • Support
    Remove risks associated with critical assets
  • Avoid
    Costly replacement through detailed strategies
  • Analyse
    Detailed cost benefit analysis & modelling
  • Understand
    Performance of your network

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