Distribution mains & service pipes

WRc Infrastructure is highly experienced in the identification of hard-to-pinpoint leaks on distribution mains. We also assess the condition of pipes to determine maintenance or replacement needs.

Together with our expertise in metering and water balance, leakage risk, smart networks, and distribution leakage, we provide standard and bespoke solutions to meet a wide range of challenges.

What we do

Commissioning tests on newly laid pipes provides a valuable initial network health check, and locate leaks where pressure tests have failed.

Gross Metal Loss to identify metal deterioration in metallic pipes.

Acoustic leak detection to pinpoint leaks on pipes of all materials.

Acoustic PWA to assess pipe condition of asbestos cement pipes.

Conductivity leak detection to pinpoint leaks on plastic pipes.

Combined EM and conductivity to identify location of fitting, repairs and changes in material.

Deep tracing to locate pipes up to 30m deep.

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