Raw water pipelines

Losses and poor performance from large diameter Raw Water Pipelines are often overlooked and the condition of these pipelines is sometimes taken for granted. However, these are strategically important assets. With support and expertise from WRc, it is possible to assess the performance and condition of these pipelines, and plan the right level of capital maintenance, ensuring that they reliably operate for many years to come.

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The WRc Infrastructure team works alongside utilities to identify which parts of the network (often as little as 4%) need repair and maintenance.

Whether base-lining leakage levels using Sahara or Smartball, mapping the internal profiles, or assessing condition and remaining wall thickness, our suite of inspection services will highlight areas of risk and inform efficient capital maintenance strategies going forward.

Our solutions cover the full range of pipe materials, from detecting wire breaks in PCCP mains to Gross Metal Loss in cast iron.

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