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WRc Infrastructure is on a mission to help water companies reduce trunk mains losses and maintain the reliability of these strategic assets into the future by targeting capital maintenance in the most efficient way.

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We specialise in long-term strategies for trunk mains. In fact, we carry out over 1,000 live inspections inside trunk mains every year to pinpoint leaks or assess mains condition. This helps to inform mains replacement strategies and highlights which parts of the network (often as little as 4%) need attention, investment or repair.

We can pinpoint and quantify leakage, assess condition (using electromagnetic techniques), locate air pockets, and inspect the inside of the pipe using CCTV or sonar. We work on all materials, from detecting wire breaks in PCCP mains to Gross Metal Loss in cast iron.

Our leak detection systems such as Sahara form part of active leakage control programmes for trunk mains, as well as pinpointing leaks on known areas of concern.

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