Case study - Gravity Sewer Successfully Located

The challenge

The planned redevelopment of a river-fronted former warehouse area was being delayed due to the unknown location of 6ft diameter gravity sewer. If the developer was to get permission to proceed from the water company, a survey would have to be conducted beforehand to establish the precise line of the pipe and its current condition to ensure it could withstand the planned construction.

The solution

WRc was invited to perform a pipeline survey using its Sahara® acoustic umbilical system fitted with an enhanced version of the company’s location device. The company worked in partnership with a drain care specialist that was able to deploy a sonar and laser scanning tool.

The outcome

Sahara® pinpointed the sewer pipe’s exact route over its entire 150m length that stretched across the site. Furthermore, the simultaneous application of sonar (below the water line) and laser scanning (above the water line) technology was able to determine the condition of the pipe, looking for defects such as missing bricks or sediment accumulation. This information could be presented to the water company, which duly gave permission for the redevelopment to proceed based on the stipulation that a suitable gap was left either side of the pipe’s centreline – as plotted by Sahara®.

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  • Case study - Gravity Sewer Successfully Located

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