Case study - WRc Infrastructure completes successful PipeDiver survey for Scottish Water

The challenge

Like many water utilities, Scottish Water is dealing with the challenge of minimising the risk and maximising the performance of its strategic asset base. To meet this challenge and support an on-going programme of pipeline management, Scottish Water engaged framework supplier WRc, to provide a means of gathering valuable asset condition information on a 15km strategic section of 30” pre-stressed concrete trunk main. Central to the delivery of this project was the need to overcome the challenge of gathering the required condition information whilst maintaining full operability of the pipeline.

The solution

Following detailed planning by the WRc Team, Pure Technologies and Scottish Water a robust inspection plan was developed which centred on the utilisation of the in-line free swimming SmartBall® and PipeDiver® inspection platforms. The first phase of inspection was conducted using the leakage detection capabilities of SmartBall®, and the second using the PipeDiver® platform. The PipeDiver® platform provide pipe wall condition assessment via detection of wire breaks in the PSC main. The survey marked the first European deployment of PipeDiver® and served to establish the benefits of this pioneering approach to asset management.

The outcome

The SmartBall® and PipeDiver® inspections provided actionable asset condition data that permitted the Water Service Strategy Team at Scottish Water to identify and promote targeted interventions to minimise the risk and maximise the performance of the asset. This was achieved without interruption to supply and permitted the maintenance of expected service levels for Scottish Water customers. Building on the success of this innovative approach to asset management further inspections are planned. This will ensure that the expertise of WRc, in partnership with Pure Technologies, continues to support Scottish Water in delivering industry leading asset stewardship for the benefit of Scottish Water customers.

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  • Case study - WRc Infrastructure completes successful PipeDiver survey for Scottish Water

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