Active leakage control

WRc Infrastructure locates 30Ml/d per year of leakage using specialist technologies such as Sahara® and SmartBall®.

What we do

Our team of experts can pinpoint leakage on large diameter water mains and troublesome distribution mains of all materials. What’s more we can cover long lengths of network in a single deployment.

Active leakage control for trunk mains

Trunk mains are a largely untapped source of leakage reduction. We work with you to understand the economics of trunk main and raw water leakage control. This enables you to exploit areas of the network where it is economically beneficial to reduce leakage.

Active leakage control for large diameter mains

With many large diameter mains it is often difficult to determine leakage levels. WRc’s expert knowledge of trunk mains and meters enables us to provide upstream water balance studies to determine losses.

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