Pipeline leak detection

Leaks are often a precursor to pipeline infrastructure failure. Monitoring leakage and understanding the location of the leak, whether on the barrel or joint of the pipe, provides an awareness of its condition and overview of the mode of failure. This offers essential insight into appropriate intervention or rehab options.

What we do

WRc is an industry leader in leak detection. In fact, each year, our experienced field engineers locate 30Ml/d of leakage using our complementary non-disruptive inspection and location technologies.

We work in partnership with utilities and industry to accurately pinpoint leakage on large diameter water mains, wastewater rising mains and troublesome distribution mains and service pipes of all materials. We also offer line location services on deep pipelines, and fault detection and location on sewer rising mains.

In addition, our in-house team is able to integrate asset information and fault history into a customer’s existing GIS platform.

  • Accurate in-line leak detection pipe location and tracing to depths of up to 30m
  • Pipeline pre-commissioning: zero leakage for new pipelines
  • Leak & gas pocket detection
  • Deep pipeline location & tracing
  • GIS and mapping services

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