Sahara® is a high-accuracy tethered inspection tool used for pinpointing of leaks and pipeline condition assessments. All of this is achieved in real time while the pipeline is in service.

Sahara® is deployed through a 50mm tapping, such as an in-line through bore hydrant or existing air valve. It is inserted under pressure and has a range of 2km from the insertion point. There is no maximum pipe diameter for deploying Sahara but ideally the diameter should be no less than 150mm.

What we do

Our team has completed over 10,000 Sahara surveys in the UK alone. Requirements range from leak detection to condition assessment and from potable water trunk mains to waste water rising mains.

  • Acoustic - Leak pinpointing and quantification & Air pocket location
  • Conductivity – Leak and repair detection (non-metallic pipes)
  • CCTV – Inspection
  • Sonar – Internal profiling
  • GML – Wall loss assessment (Gross Metal Loss)
  • Deep Location – Pinpointing of deeply buried (up to 30m) assets and GIS validation

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