SmartBall® is one of the world’s most trusted inspection technologies. Already deployed on over 7,000km of network globally, it is a free-flowing (rolling) inspection tool that can be deployed for long distances. All of this is achieved while the pipeline remains in service, thereby avoiding customer disruption.

What we do

In a single deployment of up to 40km, SmartBall® can provide a raft of information about a pipe. It contains acoustic and magnetic sensors and a gyroscope which locate leaks and air pockets and validate existing GIS data. It can even identify whether leaks are occurring at the joint or in the barrel of the pipes. It is this kind of insight that helps us to identify the model of failure and influence the most appropriate rehabilitation techniques.


  • Free swimming; inserted and extracted under pressure through 100mm tappings
  • Range up to 40km
  • Diameter
    • Minimum diameter: 250mm
    • Maximum diameter: No limit

Networks covered by SmartBall®

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